Todd William

A Photo that Says it All ~ Individualism v. Conformity

Art museums are very revealing. They demonstrate conformity at its finest. 

What makes art valuable? Does it have to do with the skill of the artist, the level of intrigue depicted, or maybe a fascinating perspective? 

Perhaps, but more often than not, the value of art is defined merely by what everyone else thinks is valuable. 

I've seen great art. I can tell you precisely how I define great artistry. But I won't, because that's how I define it, and that shouldn't matter to you. Its purely subjective.

Yet walk into an art museum and what do you find? The art determined to be the most valuable is highlighted, some even have their own entire room.

I'll grant that I'm not the most sophisticated guy by society's standards, but I've yet to enter a museum where I didn't' find at least one piece of art that left me wondering "How did this even get in here? This is terrible"

And this is why I love this photo so much. You have a couple of kids in an art gallery not burdened by any social pressures. They are surrounded by art that is valued enough to be placed on display.

And yet, what are thinking?

"Forget what everyone else thinks. I'll tell you what's interesting. Its what is inside this wall!"

Todd William

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My name is Todd William and I’m an indie author. I like to focus on the positives in life. I’m like kryptonite for cynics. I’m a dedicated father and husband, a science and tech buff, a psychology enthusiast, chess and MMA fanatic, and noble introvert. My biggest fault might just be that I’m annoyingly happy all the time.

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