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Life today versus Life 150 years ago (Part 1 of 2)

(Artwork by: Igor Morski)
Thanks to science, technology, and the division of labor, the average human on earth has a qualify of life multitudes better than the wealthiest person did just 150 years ago.
Consider what it takes to earn 4 dollars today. That is about 30 minutes of labor to the average minimum wage earner.

<> That 4 dollars could buy about a gallon of gas that fuels the average automobile for at least 20 miles – a distance the auto covers easily in less than half an hour.

<> The same 4 dollars could buy the ingredients for many basic meals limited mostly by imagination and cooking ability – this being available merely by stepping into a local market or grocery store.

<> The same 4 dollars could buy more than a full days worth of WiFI, giving access to unlimited amounts of knowledge and entertainment, instantly beamed straight to any location – again limited only by imagination.

To put this in perspective, 150 years ago:

<> Personal travel was by horse or bicycle – a horse with a rider on average covers 20 miles in about a day. If you think you could do better on a bike, consider what you’d have available – metal tires and pedals at the front. Good luck.

<> Almost 90% of the population lived and worked on farms. That meant growing your own food. Have you considered what it would take to make a single meal entirely on your own efforts? Next time you see the price of eggs, bacon, and bread at your local grocery store, consider the back breaking number hours (or days) of labor it would take for you to produce this single meal working on a farm.

<> Your best access to information was from newspapers, books, and letters delivered by horse. Suddenly complaining about those five seconds of buffering seems a little hollow.

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