Todd William

About the Thought Spot

I created  My Thought Spot to explore provocative ideas that influence life. I aim to push your imagination to the limits. There’s plenty of rabbit holes to venture into on this site if you look for them.
My name is Todd William. I’m an indie author. I recently published a book of thought experiments. You can read about it here.
I like to focus on the positives in life. I’m like kryptonite for cynics. I’m a dedicated father and husband, a science and tech buff, a psychology enthusiast, chess and MMA fanatic, and noble introvert. My biggest fault might just be that I’m annoyingly happy all the time.
I’m addicted to books.  I read constantly on a variety of topics, the result being that I tend to know a little about a lot of things – yet not a whole lot about any one thing. I lay no claim to superior wisdom. I merely have an unyielding appetite for knowledge coupled with a strong desire to contemplate intriguing thoughts.

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