Todd William

MIND GAMES: 25 Thought Experiments to Ignite Your Imagination

by Todd William
One of the largest leaps in scientific understanding in the last 200 years began as a thought experiment – when Einstein imagined the implications of riding a beam of light. Since that Thought Experiments have continuously been used to explore theories, explain concepts, and to engage imaginations.
Thought Experiments cater to the curious. Within a science lab, you’re limited by things like physical space, money, and ethics. In your mind, you are not limited at all. Thought Experiments keep you mentally sharp by giving your mind a workout and challenging you to constantly think. They provide a manner to make complicated concepts more approachable, and help you to examine the consequence of ideas from various perspectives. Perhaps best of all, when done right, the Thought Experiments will blow your mind. Anyone who enjoyed The Matrix can immediately relate.
MIND GAMES is a collection of 25 original Thought Experiments spanning a host of topics – including science, mathematics, morality, social and personal concepts, and many other intriguing ideas. Aimed at anyone with a general interest in taking ideas and expanding them in fascinating and often mind blowing ways, this book will stretch your imagination and fill it with intrigue.