Todd William

INTELLECTUAL WARFARE: Winning the Battle for your Mind

by Todd William

A hundred-thousand years ago one of the biggest differences between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom was that we were better at catching them than they were at catching us. Today things have changed...somewhat.

The ability to reason is what separates humans from animals, yet paradoxically what derails our thinking most is the belief that we're reasoning intelligently when we're really kidding ourselves. Thinking is easy. Anyone can think. What's important is thinking intelligently. The problem is that a battle for our minds is taking place, and most people don't even notice.

We constantly face things that affect the way we think. We're influenced from the news, social gatherings, what we read, what we are told, and what everyone else is thinking. Salespeople, marketers, and politicians who live off the idea of convincing us, know thousands of ways to push our minds in one direction or another so that we will depart with our money or vote a particular way. Society is littered with people who retain beliefs they cannot explain for reasons they do not know. 

Make no mistake about it, what you think matters. People fight for their beliefs, defend them, and in some cases even die for them. Lesser minds might be content with easy answers and poorly thought out explanations. But if you seek a strong mind, you first must ensure that you are capable of overcoming the elements that influence the way you think.

INTELLECTUAL WARFARE is designed to equip you with the tools necessary to win the battle for your mind. The book spans a host of topics - including the human ego and natural biases, illusion and the complexity of ideas, and the weapons of persuasion constantly directed at your mind. You have a brain for a reason – now let this book ensure you are making the most of it.